Straight stairlift.

Here at Herts Stairlifts we know how hard it can be deciding on your stairlift as there are many out there we supply simple and efficient solution's while keeping costs to a minimum 



our lifts can be fitted very close to the wall leaving as much space as possible ensuring you can still get items up and down the stairs with ease there are various models with difrent options for example we have a powered hinge option so if there is a door in the way it simply folds down when travelling down and folds up when you are finished.

we can also supply the following

rentals:these are benefitcal if the lift is needed for a short period of times e.g recovering from a injury.

reconditioned:These are another cost effective saving if you are looking for a cheaper option rather than buying new these are fully rebuilt in our workshop

we are very proud to be able to tell you on a 1-10 scale of lifts we install on a period of 1 year we have only had to return to 1 in this time meaning we can prove of our reliable supply of stairlifts.

any more information get in touch for a free no obligation consultation over the phone or on site.

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